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3pac – just a kid lyrics


yeah, ugh
i’m just a kid. i’m just a kid son
zhg son, ugh

i’m just a kid who ain’t gon’ give a hoot
i’m just a kid who gon’ do what it do
i’m just a kid who stay dreaming big
wake up in the morning and you know i got to win
i’m just a kid son, i’m just a kid (kid) (zhg) [-3]
i’m just a kid

[verse 1]
for the trouts who were hating on the last summer
staying on the ground boy, i’mma up and comer
making toast son, i might just buy me a yacht
i’mma g if you know i hit the g spot
chedda daddy stay making moves in the game
made my own lane, it’s the zero hoots gang
see me doing big thangs, see me on the screen
hd son, 3pactv
yeah and i don’t care what they say
the player gon’ play and the haters gon’ hate
she partic-p-te, as in i got her wet
i gotta beat the cheeks son, she gon’ be blessed

[legendary inspirational talk]
straight up son, i ain’t gon’ give no hoots ’bout whack -ss sh-t son
straight up son
let’s get it for my life son
doing big things son
let’s go