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3pac – keepin it zhg lyrics


let’s get it!

posted with my n-ggas in the club, keepin’ it zhg
og in the game, you know what i f-ckin’ do
when i spit off the dome, son, flowin’ like it’s samoan
gotta keep it gettin’ in, when all i do is win
gotta bad -ss thot and she might need a mop
cause that p-ssy gettin’ wet, cause that p-ssy gettin’ moist
makin’ her sippin’ teq, b-tch, when i’m in the club
and them bad b-tches showin’ me the love, but she already know my name
comments 3pac, when i’m the f-ckin’ bath
smokin’ on an ounce of dro, chillin’ with [?]
and b-tch you know, goin’ ham in the booth
only hards in my sock, gotta keep on going
when i got a f-ckin’ plan to revise
when you know i’m goin’ ham, foreign like a samoan
you know that i do that sh-t, i k!lled it, flowin’ like a poem
gotta keep on going bad, gotta keep on going hard
get it bout the f-ckin’ luck, like my n-gga barry bonds
gotta get that sh-t unlocked, gotta f-ckin’ spit that dope
gotta f-ckin’ spit that heat, when i f-ckin’ make it beat the cheeks
b-tch i don’t give a hoot, b-tch i don’t give a wack
i’m gettin’ all that sh-t, back in the day when i’m a silverback
b-tch you know i be flowin’, and gettin’ chedda like i’m samoan
i be doin’ mad chicks, f-ck with me you’ll get a towing
b-tch, i’m gonna knock yo -ss down, f-ck you up
then i go get it poppin’ for my set, hoot!