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3pac – new age lyrics


kid boston on the beat!

we bout to take over the whole world, yo
uhh, yeah, check it out

[verse 1]
i’m a young cat, but i know the game
consider it an intermission, got goals to attain
talkin’ frontpage, it’s a new age
so we comin’ up, bigger moves everyday
many things to prove, no time to waste
wanna blow, i make sure and rub it in your face
cause you was a hater, now i got the last laugh
rack crack in the back of cl-ss
no hand up, my gl-ss half full
rental day flow, i make that sh-t go
do it for the bay, yeah that’s my home
sf livin’, bound to take the throne
doin’ me impossible, thinking might be possible
dodging these obstacles, these are the chronicles
starting to look up, keep it moving everyday
so shut the f-ck up, and listen to what i have to say

a young cat in this game, i’m on a mission
gotta keep it roaming, no time for intermission
you wanna be a rapper, but you can’t commit
all i wanna do is press code and spit

[verse 2]
i’m a self made man, revolutionizing the game
when i finish with this sh-t, the world won’t be the same mayne
keeping the truth in what i believe and don’t care what you think
or how you perceive the song or videos that i leak
everyday’s a struggle, everyday’s a grind
but i got a master plan, it’s already been designed
yeah, it’s already been designed, and it’s the only matter of time til i’m gonna get mine
so i gotta keep it moving, gotta adapt in the vault
survival of the fittest, charles [?] was drunk
so i’m bound to make it happen, never give up
keep up with the grind, when the times are rough