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3pac – realest mc lyrics


kid boston on the beat!

chillin’ by the river, smoking good to ease my thoughts
you can say what you wanna say, but i’m saving hip-hop
this is some real -ss sh-t, yeah i wrote this in the hood
spreading positive vibes, just like everyone should
never understood, the power of my mind
until i realized i can connect with the divine
but i ain’t talkin’ religion, cause polarity ain’t right
i just wanna change the world so we can all unite

everyday i keep it moving, everyday i go hard
everyday i have people think i am a r-t-rd (x2)

my mind on a different level, what my eyes been through
eye opener, i see the evil and the greed
i’m just tryna be, what i was destined to be
the realest in the game, yeah i’m the realest mc

never understood the vision that i had
never realized everything i’d have
never realized i’d be the realest mc
i’ma keep doing me, i’m infinity