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3pac – rich white man chevy chase lyrics


i don’t give a squat-n-ggity-flapjack hoot son, straight up
rich white man sh-t right here son, straight up
i get that sh-t son, straight up son
threeeee! (3pacalypse!)
3pacalyyyypse! he’s back!

[hook (x2)]
chevy chase, chevy (x3)
chevy chase
i’m a rich white man, you can call me chevy chase (x2)

[verse 1]
put on the gas son, never press the brakes
i’m the rich white man, chevy chase
chop it up at benihana when i’m smokin’ dro
when i’m saying i’m getting chedda i’m talking cashflow
chedda momma know, that i’m getting it
more bars than the f-cking state pen
chedda momma know i’m better than
all these other hoot–ss b-tches
exterminating snitches, getting to the riches
rich white man, rosie o’donnell
everybody knows that i’m a f-cking boss
white rick ross, stay flossed or get tossed
don’t give a flap-jickity wack
you know i’m the silverback, opposite of wack
that’s the slap, eminem spitting cr-p in the booth
see you in the news, yeah we spit the truth
now you see me in the news
getting chedda in the moment, and when she want my -ssh0l-
what the f-ck am i even saying?
i got your b-tch praying, i go super saiyan
on that ho, in the cheeks
talking bout i beat the cheeks
7 days out the week for the m-th-f-ckin’ zhg

[hook (x2)]