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3pac – sam pepper is a creep lyrics


sam pepper is a creep-creep (x2)
creep-creep, creep, creep-creep
sam pepper is a creep-creep

[verse 1]
putting his hands all up on their cheeks
he ain’t even gon beat them cheeks
he doing it and the girls don’t want him to
but when i touch the girls it’s cuz they wanted me to
beat their cheeks in the sheets, 7 days of the week
yeah son, i don’t give a hoot
yo girl go down, slob on my p-n-s
because i look like the white regis
i am a white -ss n-gga and i get all the bread and the chedda
and sam pepper is h-lla wack, and hoot, and bunk, and beat, and squat
and i’m gon’ beat his cheeks in the sheets