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3pac – so cute lyrics


[intro: 3pac]
justin bieber and 3pac, so cute
oh my god

[verse 1: justin bieber]
your love’s so deep, you know that it humbles me (yeah)
you’re by my side, them troubles them not trouble me (yeah)
many have called but the chosen is you (yeah)
whatever you want shawty i’ll give it to (yeah) you
your world (yeah) is my world
and (yeah) my fight is your fight (yeah)
my breath is your breath (yeah)
when you’re hurt, i’m not (yeah) right

[verse 2: 3pac]
d-mn girl, i’m so cute
cuter than justin bieber, that’s the truth
i’m doing what i wanna i don’t give no hoots
i’m the beast in the booth, that’s all i do
i’ve been getting cheddar, getting cheddar
sugar momma know i get the cheddar
yeah son and i get the bread, you heard what i said
justin bieber is my friend, but i’m cuter
i don’t give a hoot, we’re riding on our scooters
we are the cutest in the game and everybody knows our names
all these ladies wanna do is play with our wieners
we don’t give a hoot so we give the girls our wieners
we got big wieners but mine’s way bigger

[verse 3: justin bieber]
shawty right there
she’s got everything i need (yeah)
and i’ma tell her one time (yeah)
(one time, one time)
give you everything you need (yeah), (yeah) down to my last dime

[verse 4: 3pac]
i remember when justin and i were just babies
taking baths together and it was so fun
i had the best time of my life
when we took baths
it was so cool
and that’s why we’re such mac’s
and all the ladies say that we’re so cute together
and our song is the best song ever made in the world
everybody loves us cause we’re so cute and beautiful
i don’t give a hoot, i’m so unusual
but, i’m gonna keep on spitting no writtens
i’m going ham
baby know i am the man, baby know i got the plan
yeah baby, you know we get the money
we get the cheddar son, it ain’t even funny

[verse 5: justin bieber]
she makes me happy, (yeah) i know where i’ll be
right by her side cause (yeah) she is the one for me (yeah)