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3pac – something that the world’s never seen lyrics


i be getting high every single day
heavy hit i tell you, gives me the looks up in the sky
i ain’t gon’ lie, i be on my way
and ima get it in, love it or hate it, son
n-ggas in the game know what’s good
i’m the only white n-gga in the hood
running sh-t from the jump son
gettin’ all the chedda, since one
and i’m about to do what the world’s never seen
ima get it bumpin’ and you don’t gotta even believe
but i go so ham, i’m the rich white man
not even a d-mn can stop the flow
3pac gets off the bankroll
3pac gets all the chedda mamas
i’m swaggin’ in my llama
f-ck obama, swag like osama
young n-gga in the game know i get the cash
rashad wright might as well make it splash
n-ggas know i’m the white man
n-ggas know i got the plan
n-ggas know that i run the game

zero hoots, son (x2)
zero hoots son, zero, zero hoots son (x2)