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3pac – super saiyan that ho lyrics


yeeeah, yeeeah, yeeeah
got that super saiyan swag, son (yeeeah, yeeeah, yeeeah)

super saiyan that ho [x2]
shawty drop that -ss all the way to the floor
b-tch i think i’m goku [x3]
b-tch-b-tch i think i’m goku

super saiyan that ho
in her v-g-n-
b-tch i think i’m vegeta
your b-tch is a screamer
make her c-m by the liter
i be dragon b-lls deep
in your b-tch’s p-ssy, put that ho to sleep
i don’t give a shi-
i be getting cheese
with all these b-tches
cuz you know i’m swaggin’
swaggin’ general
b-tch i am the boss
b-tch, you f-ck with me
you gon’ get toasted

super saiyan that ho [x8]