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3pac – trap god lyrics


let’s get it son! (acidonthattrack!)
back with that trap sh-t son, straight up son
straight from the trap son, don’t give a hoot about sh-t
been on top of the game for a while now, son
all these broke–ss, wack–ss rappers ain’t sh-t, son
beat yo mamas cheeks son, in the sheets son
7 days out the weeks, son

[pre-hook (x2)]
trap god, i’m the trap god
you heard son, i’m the trap god

yeah you heard what i said, i’m the trap god
and i don’t give a hoot about none of your wack–ss sh-t
i’m gonna go so hard, ima do it big

[verse 1]
yeah son, looking like joseph kony
mixed up with rosie o’ donnell
looking like donald sterling
b-tch sucking my d-ck cause i look like [?]
look like rob ford, i look like mariah carey
hoes on my d-ck, baby you know that i stay strapped
i don’t give a hoot, silverback in the club
bad b-tches show me love, cause they know i’m about to blow up on the scene
ima beat the cheeks on the sheets for the zhg
ima hold it down for my squad, squad
juiced up in the game selling records like barry bonds, bonds
d-mn son i can actually rap, no sh-t, it’s the silverback
i go beast mode on this track

yeah! yeah!
(beast mode)
yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah!
(i don’t give a hoot about that wack–ss sh-t son!)
yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah!

[beast mode]
beast mode activated (yeah!)
i don’t give a hoot, eliminated (yeah!)
high as sh-t, in the f-cking studio (yeah!)
i don’t give a f-ck, i’m about to f-cking blow (yeah!)
yo sh-t, i don’t give a hoot (yeah! yeah!)
shoot sh-t straight through the door (yeah! yeah!)
i don’t give a f-ck, ima shoot, ima blow (yeah! yeah!)
i used up f-ckin’ b-tch- (yeah! yeah!)

[verse 2]
i don’t give a hoot about sh-t yo
you know i’m the greatest
and i don’t give a hoot about none of that sh-t
i’m a silverback on the track
and ima beat yo mamas cheeks
7 days out of the week
left her to sleep, do what i see
don’t need no sleep, i just go beast-mode in the booth
every f-cking day, every f-cking night
every f-cking day, i’m the white n-gga
i’m the beast in the booth and i’m the chedda daddy, boy
and i don’t give a f-ck, i stay getting these figures
6k everyday, b-tch know, 50k
for a verse, 100k for a show
(let’s go)

[pre-hook (x2)]


yeah son, been a boss in the game
all these weak–ss, broke–ss, hoot–ss rappers think they’re trapping sh-t
but they’re some wack–ss sh-t’s, son