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3pac – your shits wack lyrics


all y’all be buggin’ out thinkin’ i was gonna quit
i’m a m-th-f-ckin’ legend, son
iced out

[verse 1]
smoking that bomb sh-t
homie, that’s bomb sh-t
doin’ what i’m doing, homie, cause the flow sick
and the beat nice, and they won’t stop
f-ck with me homie, and you’ll get socked
like a black cadillac, fully renovated
cruisin’ down the street, once that elevated
b-tch i sip a lotta jag, smoke a lotta weed
it’s a west side story, i keep my eyes ah bleach
the beat, it bump, in the trunk, it’s live
reppin’ sv, first to put it on a mic
your mouth, wide open, when i’m steppin’ on the scene
yes, i’m a jerk, but i don’t rock skinny jeans

sh-t’s wack, sh-t’s bum
sh-t’s wack, sh-t’s wack, sh-t’s wack
sh-t’s bum, sh-t’s bum, sh-t’s bum
sh-t’s wack, sh-t’s wack

i ain’t joking when i say i’m the realest mc in the game, yo
i’m a m-th-f-ckin’ beat in the booth, son
y’all got me f-cked up if you thought i was gonna quit
3pac, peace