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3pl6 – $amurai lyrics


left im gone n’d right im gone
take with me my ruthless sword

camme samurai! the child of the sun
was born under rising now shadow with gun
tell me whad u now… bout(bout) how long?
u will be (will be) in the trip on downtown road
all trynna” hunt down me jist frequenter late
i losin in forests alone meditate
b-tch i’m not surprised’… tem’me(3x) why
u f-ckin stupid comin fight’ with me’ am samurai
east culture i feel it ‘ i livin as sage man but bad n’d outstandin i smokin a lot
my brothers on my wave like flowers saku’ra, i also deniable’ case growin dope
ya’ll limited in bodies’ then death’ n’d what is more
improvin my sk!lls just brokin the blocks
i’m broken my limits n’d start a new game
but thoughts about $uicide from day to day the same
case teachin impact me bud tha next raw
i waitin the moment take sword cut em all
i sleepin as ghost which is shadow of moment
my $amurai mind neva lemme get stolened

left im gone n’d right i gone
take with me my ruthless sword

ain’t sh-t for us…they broke’ us systematic
my brothers n’d me whanna die dat’s extatic
it’s better be k!lled by yourself under sun’
then die from the enimies’ hand with a gun
then more i gone- then hardest sh-t
am samurai’ steps to back’ can’t be
we need survive’ee am take my sword
i cut yo head it’ll roll(in) from rock
ain’t happy end ‘in’ this’ life
i’m full of big mindless
no follow life style doin f-ckin self nothin
i’m samurai (2x) of the new era, als’o’ kamikaze
b-tch kilin myself slo(w)
i playing this game on my rules i’m the hardest
attack me like snake’ i’m forget what is blindness
i neva let somebody hurt me stay pain free
dat’s only my mind whanna me think i’m empty
[hungry shadows all around… devour lone soul
now shadow is me biggest fear for all ]2x

left im gone n’d right i gone
take with me my ruthless sword
case i’ll hit all f-g by em
run away i’m hurricane
left im gone n’d right i gone
take with me my ruthless sword
fallin down leafs of life
feel the death i’m samurai