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3pl6 – darkness lyrics


part 1:
i’m ridin…
from the a point’ to tha b point’ gonna back
thinkin bout life, mind’ hard’ heavy thoughts’ i’m whacked
every time nervous, i’m a (p)sycho, mystic sh-t dat’s hurt
never think dat’s everythin are gone
will influence say f-ck
no’more’ brainless business trynna spy but handed self
dark side seduse me ‘ee am ‘ left shoulder adjutent
can sell my soul, will big mistake it’s only step secludin me
my trip stop quickly’ f-ck itself’ wel’come to real f-ck with it
part 2:
i’m ridin…
next page callin phone, unknown number triple six, ask how long i’ll afraid recall it, speakin with it n’d my eyes full of thick
seatin in corner want run i’m despotic, 12 of my brothers were good i’m the paltry
lots of the things which are little n’d useless will lead u to sh-t which we ever stop hardly
closin the eyes fall’in under the pressure, lord whatchin from heavens with accusin judgment
i losin myself when aware of the realness inhale this smoke n’d dissolve in the silence
illness, looseness, i’m walkin around can stop n’d get off’ someone laughin at me?
like arrow of clock run the time in an empty’ 2018 are death hunt for me?
n-body…n-body, can help simply whannit’ tha rules gettin strength to make meanly attack
i penetrate first case i’m psycho i wan’it what’s waitin for me, i will hug with the black
amn att-tude’ bu’this music my medicine, pills neva help’
em conclude me to free
no regrets and we movin to death world’ life is’an one’ all we givin the fee
darkness eat me’en my shadow escape, i’m shadow by own gate in darkness ‘my gate
darkness eat me (…..)
when my shadow escape
i’m shadow by own (3…..)
gate in darkness my gate