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3rd avenue – before it’s too late lyrics


i wonder why i long for you this way
we’re always together, and even though i see you everyday,
the night seem so empty
but when i dream, i dream of you.
yes, i dream of you.

‘coz there are feelings i can’t hide
i know i better cross the line
before it’s too late
before it’s too late
you may not think that it’s okay
but i know it’s wrong if i don’t say
before it’s too late
before it’s too late

i hate it when you say that you can’t stay
thank god, you stayed longer,
and yet it’s not enough to fill my day
my life seem so happy now
but deep inside i long for you.
yes, i long for you.


i wonder if you feel the same for me?
i wonder if your heart will ever see? (come to see)

(chorus 2x)