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3rd bass – french toast lyrics


all around the country coast to coast
people always say what do you like most
i don’t want to brag i don’t want to boast
i always tellum i like toast
yeah toast
yeah toast
i get up in the morning about 6 am
have a lil jelly have a lil jam
take a peace of bread put it in the slot
push down the lever and the wires get hot
i get toast
yeah toast
yeah toast
now theres no secret to toasting perfection
theres a dial on the side and you make your selection
push to the dark or the light and then
if it pops to soon press down again
make toast
yeah toast
ungh toast
when the first cave man drove in from the drags
didn’t know what would go with the bacon and the eggs
must have been a genius got it in his head
plug the toaster in the wall buy a bag of bread
make toast
yeah toast
ugh toast
(french words)
oh wii bonjor mor covancan
on conrus concav
oie mosharie th’eiffel tower
oui marie bug bonsoir monsowa
french toast
french toast
in chicago of the bob and tom show
yeah toast