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3rd brick – foul mouth 3 lyrics


[verse: 3rd brick]
please be warned i ain’t proving a point/ i’m staying true to the joint/ antic-p-ted outcome like when you flipping a coin/
you’ll got the volumes cranked up your ears glued to the speakers/ waiting to hear this time which name m i gonna feature/
but sh-t ain’t never the same the beast is out of its chamber/ with more to say then an x 4051 member/
sh-t i could be schooling these cats but m just shifting ma rath/ i’m watching zakwe live that native rhythm zuluboy path/
see f eezy wasn’t hating it’s the truth that i’m saying/ give it a year or two to see if it’s more than gold he’ll be selling/
see i ain’t never been mean i just been rapping that real/ brick could never really serve that young cannibal deal/
i know njinga had a deal, merel had a deal/ then magudu came with nellz but she’s bubbling under still/ “dream team” you’ll couldn’t close the casket harder/ cause on your cover you’ll look like characters of twilight saga/
i know u signed a devils deal ma homie/ same reason why wonder didn’t get all of his royalty money/ wait a minute select play was side lined two/ that nygah won an award & didn’t mention none of them dude/
haha that’s the unity they speak about dude/ sh-t is a joke they say you hating when you speaking the truth /

remember hammarsdale ha hammarsdale/ sh-t was an anthem emakasi blazing it all day/
ungane played a chess move in the game/ signing mg and kept him on the bench for the rest of the day/ look m a motherf—ing lyricist a rapper with an att-tude/ still waiting on a rapper who’ll be worthy of ma magnitude/
i earned ma recognition to influence them with my stripes/ ask robin da third floor that nygah knows i’m that nice/ nyawose your firepower was never that real/ you said ma name and wondered up losing that management deal/ and since i’m rapping about what u already know/ that chance d
da rapper image is working real good into helping you blow/
nxaybo stick to your lane young nygah / or learn the empty sounds that pockets make with change ma nygah/
rappers compromising their art just to stay relevant/ even veterans couldn’t come up with a better plan/ see m just stating the facts what could be realer then that / i understand why champ pushed “training day” back/
sweet jesus, i layed it all on the corner stone/ f–k crixus dominos still don’t know me though/ so beef is part of the game to inspire the change/ i wanna see lungisani & suave working together again/
with every rapper from ma city dm had to call it quits/ it took me a minute to realise that “global warming“ was the sh-t/

ouh ma god sh-t is getting real out here/ with blackwidow dropping knowledge like musonas career/
man i ain’t mad at ma city we some facebook addicts/ with more sh-t to say than a cobey li verdict/
man balistik you were there, kobayashi u were there/ while junior da rocker is k!lling bon husla’s career/
when umthinayi got a deal main event quit rap/ & squadroll had the hook for putting durban on the map/ “bux b” dropped a track that was fire/ well the concept was fire but some bars man they should have retired/
& what happened to flowsik? well i don’t know neither/ like that judas n young nucho & the ab crazy feature/
these young -ss rappers over feeling themselves/ you’ll even got umacelwana over feeling himself/ you gotta work your lungs out before they come & support/ hence everybody had a show on december the 4th/ mbzet tried to put these female rappers on board/ that “ladies night” had clara-t “uhmmmmm” & the rest of them broads/
skuuva maguluva aired his beef out with the king/ don’t be alarmed it’s a norm it’s a durban based thing/ dlala mrapper surely you should be singing them cheques/ but we had to learn it all through the confessions of your ex/
witness the funk came in hard & started singing to much/ nygahz swimming to find a hoe they should be finding their flow/
guess what? it don’t matter if you are making that dough/ we dancing right so rapping shouldn’t matter no more/
since makukule took a back seat the durban scene is dying out/ kasi rap nygahz ain’t got nothing to rap about/
it’s amazing what happened to lacostaration/ but the hip hop nation understands the obstacles you’re facing/
look i’m steady pacing got you nygahz second guessing/ if the work you’re putting out is worth your career chasing/
uhm see sh-t is week now, they putting out that weak sound/ & most of you nygahz is sounding finicky with your script now/
& this ain’t beef i’m just airing it out/ this a collective of what the city been talking about/
yes the franchise is open/ and its more than just an omen/ how the 3rd be the nygah who be willing to provoke them/
wake the f–k up, this city needs a real lyricist/ this trap that you’ll doing is some bullsh-t you dabbing in….