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3rd coast – luv flow lyrics


d to the j to the max, my name is jc and i’m also fresh
rockin on. non stop to the break dawn one two three hit
rockin on.non stop that’s right.

dont stop the beat alright. i’m gonna let you go
dont stop the beat alright. i’m wanna let you go
dont stop the beat alright. i’m gonna let you go
dont stop the beat alright. -2
people didn’t know how i rock my flow
y’all aint ready but i start the show
i got mo’ beats and i’ma show y’all
in this phat game we sing fo y’all
rockin’ on, non stop to the break of dawn
one, two, three, hit me

like that yo, rock to the beat you don’t stop
and now feel the heat, let’s pump up the jump off
i hit it back, plateu you know,
as i’ma rock to the rhythm on a future flow
and i b-mp that, mad soul, i got that
p-ss on, feel the vide cause i like that
kick to the snare rollin’ h-a-t
now turn it up let’s party like eternity yeah

here you go, let me know though you love me uh huh!
all i know, is that i, no one want 나를
now that you know i’ll give you my heart again
maybe hold me you know that i’m always with you.
everytime may be how i look inside your eyes
everytime i am holding you in my arms
everyday, everynight hold me one
my babe yeah yah!

front to the back, it’s on, now you wont stop
left to the right, come on you know we dont stop
wild out to the track, know what i mean
as i kick back, let you on the same team
it’s the jc, rockin on, drop a gem
and my girl so so let’s do it again
we got the beat locked down
let’s drop it again come on
everybody put em up let’s do it now