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3rd eyezik – yuri’s revenge lyrics



as we proceed
to give yo b-tch -ss what you need
it a.p.e. gang b-tch

[verse 1]
microphone pharaoh
so cold im froze to the bone marrow
run up on you wit a bow & arrow
and bury you in the snow
out in michigan
im greazy like chicken skin
shiverin dressed like a fisherman
wit a swisher in my hand
you can picture what im sayin
these rapper can’t spit worth a d-mn
its like p-ssin on ants
yeah im dissin your clan
they ain’t tryna start a feud
i turn beef into barbecue
and if you comin wit that bull
i’ll toss that on the fire too
its easy like tyin shoes
gettin roasted like hawaiian foods
rhymin for you
im defyin the rules
findin the jewels
in a mind fulla slim & ooze
im pryin with tool
to try and remove a few
yo this shit is p-ss due
ape gang wilder than a pack of baboons
you n-gg-s in the garbage like a bunch of rac–ns
buy my mixtape and press play
unless your g-y
i’ll mail you a sex slave the next day
im not as hard as i appear to be
im seriously apart of a conspiracy
spreadin the tyranny lyrically
my b-tch wanna bury me
cause i f-cked her sister
now her sister wanna marry me
hoes on my d-ck thats a guarantee
yeah i got these b-tches jealous
cause i spit so well its
like artificial intelligence
see through these rappers like crystal skeletons
hits of the medicine
louder than a tiptoeing elephant
pain k!llers got me feelin better plus
lsd to the retinas
floating in the nebulas
i can never be myself im just a replica
pretending to be friends with you
but humans are to primitive
im movin like im limitless
a hypnotist
you are just partic-p-nts
lured by the instruments

an oddity and honestly
im probably a prodigy
sharper than piranha teeth
illuminati scemes