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3rdiiiuth – badu lyrics


[verse 1: jack cityz]
go against the uth’s foolish, don’t do this
move, don’t spit in my presence
add up my weapons, got
campus’ and towns locked down
government status, out of habit
with caskets matted 8 feet for the m-sses
tragic for these “abc” rhymers
lead up’s and punch liners
i’m finding it ironic with ebonics
chronic emcees can’t achieve
honestly, no compet-tion when i’m mentioned
it’s business
i’ll rectify their minds, in time they’re risen
but they’re driven
to what’s hot like bugatti engines
got parties claiming they’re thinking sharply with 3rd eye visions
if it’s reigning true, then this ain’t aimed at you
it’s for the ones that take that concept and they run
the native tongues should be ashamed of you
nothing to the cause, the zulu nation is appalled
peace to the gods in charge
pull their card, dog, they’re frauds
sat back, let them rap on my field
but it’s a sk!ll, and missed grapples were the deal
so now they’re playing my squad

[bridge: erykah badu]
one day, all them bags gon’ get in your way [2x]
i said..

[verse 2: ragz b-st-rd]
n-ggas acting like they shouldn’t know
wouldn’t know, delusional
if they thinking n-ggas wasn’t ’bout to blow
now here we go
for my team i’m tom brady mixed with tracy mcgrady
keep an eye out, so play shady
watch how slim get crazy
said it’s the 5’9 ill n-gga
seen vintage tommy hilfiger
got me feeling oh so comfy
understand that women love me
telling me they wanna f-ck me
and they say i’m lso lucky
cause they usually not this kinda girl
never been inside this kinda world
and i don’t want no babies
so you know i stay wit condoms girl
deadly the disease
make a instrumental freeze
you can open doors with keys
well the pump busted it with ease, peacefully
now b-tch don’t speak to me
groupie b-tches infatuated with our higher living
doom centered, i’m a cold mf’er
middle fingers when i txt her
wanna k!ll off my family like the kennedy’s

[verse 3: iimz]
king poetic, too much flavor i’m major
few gon’ get it, too much layers for majors
listen to our music on blast
while sittin in cl-ss
given we the wickedest clash, since the british band
kid isn’t average
grip steel and get active
pealing they caps and flip they duckbills backwards
your mind’s captive
mine’s riding the p-ssage, and doin backflips
ain’t impressed by stacked cabbage
sad but it’s true
baddest crew, had to be uth
don’t get embarr-ssed by the m-sses cause you had to be cool
and don’t be carried in a casket just for acting a fool
p-ssionate so i picked grabbing macs over grabbing a tool
i’m out for capitol and advancing the spans of your mind
expanding my time, using the only eye that’s divine
let’s murk the capitol and laugh in they face when they ask why
i’m surprised we let so many attacks just p-ss by
it’s sad but you can’t cry homie
i’ll be fine, as long as i got my lines on me
i’ll do that time
if a military draft catch me, imma be locked then
uth youngin with locks, rare for me finding cop friends


[verse 4: al hostile]
so if i toss a molotov then we start a revolution, right
light this b-tch up
yeah you f-ckin’ with the uth tonight
no more hands outs, you f-ckin’ with the champs now
how we stand out is like a group clowns in a bland crowd
working since the birth of this
we sound the way they can’t sound
if we catch them with that ran mouth
then it’s man down
so if you planning on talking sh-t, you should stand down
same sh-t, we been about sounding like fads
now we ’bout that
we down under like outback
where your mouth at
catch it running, don’t get off track
the uth coming soon
so make room for the hottest collective
make our own sh-t, so you gotta respect us

[verse 5: lume]
you are now a witness
to the uth’s reentrance to the rap game
so please just listen
get ready to hear vengeance
took a break, boy, but now i’m back at it
dammit i still got it
living lavish ,slinging veggies
just to increase my cabbage
my girl cute in the face, and her -ss is the fattest
and when she ready come get it baby i let you have it
smoking strains, that’ll have your -ss on another planet
and contrary to popular belief
we refuse to make trap rap to get hot in the streets
we underground with it
that sh-t that will make ya think
more substance than sound, ya hear me
you’ll miss something if you blink
dropping jewels my n-gga
3rdiii be the missing link
and if you can my n-gga
don’t ever step to the team
you gon’ get yammed my n-gga
f-ck 12, they can catch me if they can my n-gga
i’m the man n-gga
with the plan my n-gga!

[verse 6: dark nimbus]
no subtweeting
my sleeping is uneven
don’t preach when the one’s speaking
or creeping on one’s features
blunt in between my pointer and thumb
can’t deny, it’s implied
we the glorious ones
got a mountain view
i’m looking from the sh0r- to the sun
smoking dope because the struggle weighing more than a ton
medicated, and heavily meditated
that gold piece on my wrist is a result from h-lla payment
if it is important to you
my n-gga, you better say it
or get caught in the mist
cause the nimbus is better faded
this is for all my n-ggas who hustle
but never made it
and all the ones creative, but heavily regulated
this heavy metal, megatron
hustling ’til i’m dead and gone
put it on my soul
that you haters can’t make a better song
smooth as ever
cause the dude is leather
lets get high, and find some sh-t we can do together