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3rdiiiuth – the influence (on her) lyrics


[hook: chuck nimbus]
just me and you standing in my room
with your head in the stereo, the speakers go boom
whatever you tryna do, i can lock the door
smoke some good weed then go out for more
just me and you standing in my room
touching on your body, ain’t no need to act shy
i know you feel the vibe by the look in your eyes
and you ain’t got sh-t to do, so let me get you high

[verse 1: al newport]
watch me as i gravitate towards you
your ways so appealin
getting to my feelings
got my feel on, we f-cking till dawn
deep inside it feels right, but in reality it’s wrong because
girl you gotta man on the side
i’m your one nite stand
like vans, you wanna ride
and if it’s so, we’ll take it nice and slow
would’ve gone faster, but the drinks was low
how i find you in the spot with all the cl-ssy hoes
that make n-ggas go nuts like pistachios
when they rock their -ss back both back in forth
and the hater b-tches come in that be packin more, but
as long as you ride me at a nice speed
and you gettin highed up off of my weed
ain’t no thing what these ratchet b-tches say
cause at the end of the day you riding wit me
it’s like..


[verse 2: molly high]
lets get it crack-a-lackin
mackin b-tches like i’m goldie
bagging young b-tches, dumb b-tches, even oldies
indeed all the hoes want the d-ck like it’s moby
but when they attacking, i get the smacking b-tches
like i’m jody
high as h-ll, yet still, i rock the heavens well
plucking wings, poppin kings, until the heavens fell
and i mean, when angels in your room it’s really hard to tell
if its a wet dream or was it oh so really real so
pop this molly shawty, it’ll probably have you stalling
and probably have you dropping pants, like ants in them probably
my d-ck is calling, for your punani mommy
ooo this sh-t so easy-peasy watching b-tch’s follies
you bi? f-ck, i like that too
gotta rock protection man, b-tches got that flu
so sit back, relax girl, tell your friend to relax too
and let me do me, so i can do you


[verse 3: chuck nimbus]
hey my love, come and play my love
stereos in your ears as you lay, i rub
promiscuous with a kiss of the finest pleasure
hidden treasures to the finest measure
vibe out as i try to spread your thighs out
just a menace, puffin spinach, till my eyes pop out
crack a window, until the indo dies down
and you was a g, so dont try to cry now
not to be disrespectful, just thought that i should let you
know that im professional at anything that’s s-xual
and really i really wanna txt you
promise that your daddy won’t catch you, cause
i believe we can blow up like c4
don’t mean to be a jack-ss like eeyore, but before
we create this toxic cloud of loud, choke
no worries take off and float


do you smoke?
(yea i smoke)
do you drink?
(yea i drink)
are you willing to pop pills?
(uh, yea, i think)
she said that there, and then after a blink
she was throwing up blood on the bathroom sink
i tried to warn her
to much f-cking mollies i guess