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3rdiiiuth – zeitgeist lyrics


they be like “jack, when you gon’ make a f-ckin party song?”
hold back black, get off my f-ckin d-ck
i’d rather spit facts on wax than spit some sh-t
for you and your clique to start a moshpit
i concen-trate on my bars, flaunt my camp
no auschwitz, wait, i flow cautious
walk p-ss these frauds before they f-ckin wake
i’ll bench the weight of my state
with one hand
recorded on garageband
with a mic taped to a broken mic stand
know how it feels?
to have the sk!lls without the funds, or the deal
it’s all fun ’til you graduate and await your f-ckin meal
if i’m working check to check
sh-t, i’ll overdose on percocets
appear in the dreams of my team
to direct them to what is real
y’all n-ggas tryna rap is like a slap in my face
i’ll track your estate
see, now it’s really a rap, but in your place
i guess y’all okay with being a mistake
and i pray you get a mind of your own
but instead you hate
and see, that’s a fact if i ever knew one
got n-ggas hatin because when it came to tracks, we never do one
i ain’t worried about them other emcees
if i can call you that, you falling flat
it’s back to making gogo for them teens
i’m a renegade
never been afraid to say what’s on my mind
i do it all the time with rhyme
and when i’m getting paid
all of my n-ggas getting paid
and that’s real rap..
repeat that
when i’m getting paid
all of my n-ggas getting paid
until them bullets sprayed
triggers squeezed from sinners who plead
them bill of rights in every fight
then have the nerve to extradite god’s creation?
when you only the man by affiliation?
i’m tryna be the zeitgeist of the thousands
like bison in herds
telling my writings on a mountain in urge
don’t spit on a curve
any n-gga with a mic can get heard
that’s not despite me
because he’s lightskin with a bush don’t mean he’s like me
just cause a n-gga got buzz
don’t mean he’s strife free
life’s a b? please, at least she enlightens me
more than half the people on this earth ever could
understood microeconomics
doc-ments the hood
modern enlightenment’s you’re on’s an oxymoron
better luck finding in dust some boron
in laymen’s terms, i ain’t concerned
learned my settlement
so if all you know is trap, just stay in your element..