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3retardsinathottub – minion craig lyrics


im hanging out with minion craig
getting them bands all them yellow aye
f-cking yo b-tch on the side what a cliche
its three r-t-rds in that thot tub gang

l!cking feet that my hobby
lets get this bread its a orgy
your girl givin head in the lobby
finishing inside thats what i call a gobby

hoes be mad cause i just took your mans
mort h-lla mad cause benny came im my hands
he was working at the surf shop b-tch getting them pockets fat
too bad his mort was twerking b-tch getting his -ss smashed
cause minion craig minion craig got no compet-tion
beta ben beta ben he just stood and gazed aye
benny g-y benny g-y he liked to get cucked everyday

minion craig minion craig f-ck yo b-tch in the face
f-ck that -ss f-ck that -ss i came inside your vase
flowers white flowers white covered in my thic c-m
got the clout got the bands added chevron on my hands
gonna make mort suck my glands
but minion craig minion craig ain’t that h-lla g-y
minion craig minion craig said no h0m- its okay

got in a fight with lil mort got f-cked by lil zain
dropped to hard, cop the ground im in pain
then minion craig said dont complain
so i got back up to fight again