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3rizy m – amma do it ( skit ) lyrics


( customer service)

cher client, votre correspondance
est occupée. votre appel va être
transféré vers la messagerie vocale
laissez un m-ssage après le bip
appuyez sur le hachage pour

(3rizy m)

yeah! lawton, what’s up? what i
was trying to tell you through text is. i
just a mic, some beat. about eleven
or some. i want to drop a mixtape
yeah, am going to record it myself
it’s gonna sound crab and off tune
still, i’ll do it. am… you know am not
signed. and am broke. see am
calling the mixtape eminem. every
mom is nice except mine. and you
know why. i want you, thug lord
and lil gick on it. yeah, i want you
n-ggas to sound sh-t with me on
this. please, when you get this call