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3sixt – campkillyourself lyrics


all my soldiers hitters
that just mean they aim right
loved ones turn to ghosts, oh
man that sh-t just ain’t right
f-cking in the day time
crying through the late night
new girl, she a stripper
no she don’t get stage fright
oboy that my bro bro
olop that my bro bro
f-ck around with them boy
dog that sh-t a no no
scream “free virgo”
scream “free rehl” oh
long distance mexico
hola hola h-llo
out for dead presidents
lord don’t take my presence
2 hoes at the same time
b-tches turn to best friends
overthrow your government
hopeless on my stomach
b-tches crying backstage
talking how they love it
f-cking on christina
back of oboy bimmer
i was on that medicine
thank god i got cleaned up
fresh out of depression
way too many deaths and
b-tches at my tombstone
mourning for the deadman


yung triggs who i be
spider yung saby
campk!llyourself, oh
that’s just where you find me
death still behind me
creeping up behind me
take you all with me
murder everybody
i hit rock bottom
and she got a bottom
and she brought some friends too
and they gave some top, uh
this here for my brother
my whole life been f-cked up
still don’t give a f-ck, no
blame it on my mother
ain’t speaking to my family
they don’t understand me
f-cking up my life right
evil come in handy
papa went to rehab
came out and he relapsed
made my death wish
wrote it down at recess
i been getting twisted
mom been distant
paranoid all times
end up with my wrist slit
i been losing focus
i been at my lowest
still f-ck the world though
tell them that we hopeless