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3st – i don’t give lyrics


[intro: 3st]

[verse 1]

i got a lack of common courtesy

i’m keep all my f-cks
locked in the bank
like it’s a currency

i’m an -ssh0l- to my cashier
’cause after i pay
i walk away without telling the guy
to have a nice day

i’m okay with doing laundry
but i f-cking hate folding it

i’m the kinda guy
to wear febreeze as deodorant

watching p-rno on a public bus
and everybody notices
might’ve scarred a couple kids
but f-ck it, they’ll get over it

oh, you thought i gave a f-ck?
buddy, that’s a load of sh-t

nonsense, i ain’t got conscience
i’m emotionless

i ain’t fed my cat in like, six days
pretty sure the mothaf-cka’s
been eating my goldfishes
that rhyme was looser than your lady’s poon

b-tch, i ain’t afraid of you

i’ll walk up to a fat chick
and ask her, “when’s the baby due?”

life is so much easier
when you’re profane and rude
and if you feel the same
i wanna hear you say it too

i don’t give a f-ck
i don’t give a f-ck
i don’t give a…

[verse 2]

f-ck responsibility
i’m lazy top to bottom

i’m eating off of paper plates
so i ain’t gotta wash ’em

and f-ck you
if you think i got a problem

boy, you only exist
because your daddy broke a condom

i don’t even try to hide it
when i’m staring at her t-ts

good service
but i only leave a ten percent tip

i’mma leave dog sh-t
on the sidewalk, b-tch
then i’ll walk up to your kid
and tell him that it’s chocolate

i’m at a funeral
and everybody’s sad and sh-t
but i can’t hear them over
the music in my headphones
’cause i’m blasting it
and while i’m standing by
the man in the coffin
i got my hands in the pockets
of the pajamas i’m rocking

you got lambo?
that don’t make you cool, bro
check me in a second-hand chevy
hitting seventy in a school zone

i give less than zero f-cks
that’s a new low

try to take this f-ck out of my hand
whoops, too slow

i don’t give a f-ck
i don’t give a f-ck
i don’t give a f-ck…

[verse 3]

unless it’s me
sticking my d-ck in your sister
man, i beat off so often that
my p-n-s is blistered

my doctor told me
my cholesterol is really high
but i’d rather die than give up eating
triple bacon cheesy fries

oh, speaking of eating
that reminds me of the time
i went to a diner
and tried to eat the waitress’ v-g-n-
i f-cked my chance up though
’cause i annoyed her
with a real specific
and inconsiderate custom order
like, “miss, i wanna try this soup
the french onion
but i got this weird thing
where i…
i like the taste of onions
but i, k–
i kinda wanna vomit
at the texture of the onions
so lemme get the onion soup
but just pick out all the onions

i’ll key scratch a phallus
on the back of your truck
at the museum ignoring all the signs
that tell me not to touch

i’m an insensitive, self centered
unsympathetic schmuck
running amok
with a middle finger up

[chorus (w/ ad-libbed screaming]
i don’t give a f-ck
i don’t give a f-ck
i don’t give a f-ck