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3st – smash anyway lyrics


[verse 1: saverio]
the s-x i get is awful
but i sure get a lot
cause i don’t stop to consider
if i should hit it or not
if she down to f-ck i’ll hit it
even if i ain’t attracted
if she got some stds
then i’ll just cap it ‘fore i whack it
this babe i’m tryna slay
lives like a hundred miles away
getting laid shouldn’t take
like seven hours out my day
but it’s really an intelligent investment
cause that -ss gon’ be greater in value
than what i paid for it in gas
her voice is annoying
head game disappointing
thottie taste like toxic waste
i swear that p-ssy been poisoned
and it’s hard to enjoy it
when shawty smell like a toilet
but she got a body so hot
her tw-t water is boiling
oh does she got a boyfriend
that ain’t stopped me before
oh he’s six foot eleven
and he fought in the war
oh he said he’ll break my legs
if i even dare
i guess his girlfriend’s gonna get to
f-ck a guy in a wheelchair
she locks me in a world of uncertainty
she -sserts that i’m worthless
with every word that she hurls at me
and i’m wretchedly depressed
every second i’m at her side
but i deal with it cause she lets me
hit it from behind
when i close my eyes
i picture a v-g-n- and think
i’ll put up with anything
if it means i’m getting laid
the message is
i’m desperate for s-x
and if it’s better than nothing
then f-ck it
i’mma smash it anyway

[chorus 1: instrumental drop & saverio]
i don’t give a f-ck baby
i’mma smash it anyway
i don’t give a f-ck baby
i’mma smash it anyway

[verse 2: brandon]
our relationship was
simply the venereal
i starting thinking that she
girlfriend material
i said some dumb sh-t
then she started getting mad
she said it’s bout to be
a month before she’ll let me smash
fine i can get my
p-ck-r wet in plenty other ways
i could make a
pocket p-ssy out a roll of tape
my d-ck could do some
dunkin in a donut till it’s glazed
getting head from a sandwich
i call that a p-bj
thought that hooking up
was looking up
now i gotta be the schmuck
who f-cks a couple sponges in a cup
but if i gotta i’mma like it then
cold c-ck a mothaf-cka
when i dip my d-ck in liquid nitrogen
hollow out a loaf of bread
and go to town on it
got a p-ssy looking taco
going down on it
and it seems as if
my schween ain’t gon’ be found
cause i’m wedging my remote
between the cushions of my couch
girls gotta sleep
pillow pets can do it all night
got my car sucking on my spark plug
getting engine head
and i combust a nut
in the exhaust pipe
on that weird sh-t
cause i can’t inflate a blowup doll right
if you close your eyes
and subst-tute your lover with a s-x toy
ain’t it basically the same
as getting laid
the message is
i’m desperate for s-x
and if it ain’t the real deal
f-ck it
i’mma smash it anyway

[chorus 2: instrumental drop & brandon]
i don’t give a f-ck baby
i’mma smash it anyway
i don’t give a f-ck baby
i’mma smash it anyway

[verse 3: mike]
unlike these other guys
i ain’t done no smashing
i haven’t had s-x before
cause i’m awkward and unattractive
i got my headphones on
but in between the tunes
i think i hear my older sister
crying in her room
she ain’t really my sister though
she my stepfather’s daughter
and i think as far as sisters go
they don’t really get hotter
i’m saying she the kind of really fine
that puts me at a loss for words
my tongue gets twisted up
and tied in knots
at just the thought of her
and i get that the s-xual tension
is kinda creepy
anyway i crack her door and find her
on the floor weeping on her knees
and for some reason
i feel the blood rush to my schl-ng
but i just tuck it in my waistband
and i ask her ‘bout what’s wrong
she said
my boyfriend f-cked some other
girl behind my back
thought he loved me
now i’ve been betrayed
by an unfaithful rat
i said
that probably sucks
she said
i don’t understand that man
was i not enough
aren’t i intelligent, sensitive
friendly, athletic and honest
aren’t i s-xier than h-ll
aren’t i gorgeous as a goddess
like mike, you think i’m pretty right
don’t you think i’m hot
i said
make me answer that
she said
f-ck him i wish that he was dead
uhh that’s intense
then she said
i should f-ck somebody else
to get revenge
she looks me dead in the eyes
while she puts a hand on my thigh
and i’m staring at the floor
excited and petrified
i close my eyes and pinch myself like
mike this isn’t real
but when i open up
it still looks like i’m getting laid
the message is
i’m desperate for s-x and if
it’s with my step-sister
f-ck it
i’mma smash it–
wait that’s f-cked up
run back to my room thinking
i’ll just go and m-st-rbate

[chorus 3: instrumental drop & mike]
i don’t give a f-ck baby
i’mma smash it anyway
jacking off