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3t brax & 3t tootie – every week lyrics



[verse 1: 3t brax]
i need a hummer (pluggz) for the summer (ay), i can’t f+cking front you (ay)
if you not my brother (ay), i can’t f+cking trust you (hey)
end of the discussion (hey, hey), put that on my money (skrt)
ain’t sh+t f+cking funny (nah), i don’t play with my money (gang)

[verse 2: 3t tootie]
(pluggz) oh sh+t, i done spilled the lean (lean, lean)
on my robins jeans
i’m off a senzu bean (them beans), i’m known for serving lean (i’m serving)
i’m jacking the og’s (skrt), i gotta get me
she trying to chill with 3t
have to [?] my fist, gotta move that dope (dope)
i’ve been selling dope (coke), greet it at my door (coke), it come from mexico
what you trying to store? (skrt) i’m at texaco (gas)
kilos for thе low only for the hoes, i don’t f+ck with bro
gotta text littlе bro, can’t sell grams no more, move a pound a week (hey, hey)
i can’t get no sleep and i’m slanging woah (skrt)
chances going up the road, i can’t trust these hoes, get it off a four
rack it to some more, give it to my hoe, let her sell it whole
i can’t touch that coke, [?] came from coke
i just jack my woahs, gotta meet carlos, get it off a four
he paid me in pesos, what you n+ggas know?
i got choppas in the trunk, i can get you n+ggas stung
i can get you b+tches crunk, i got ounces of that skunk (lean)
catch that p+ssy ’til [?] (smoke), used to clutching on that pump
and it’s no more selling bunk (skrt), i’m smoking on the funk
serving junkies and the bums, got hittas cut off your tongue (beat, beat), ay, gang
[verse 3: 3t brax]
(pluggz giuseppes on my motherf+cking feet (giuseppes)
i keep the .30, that’s the felon on me
i’m serving percs (serve) and the purple og (gas)
we moving pounds (pounds, pounds), n+gga, every f+cking week (every week)