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3t – narcos (ft. malo) lyrics


you ain’t gotta lie to me
but you gotta lie for me

i can’t trust no body
feel like all my n-ggas switching on me
all my life, i’ve just been chasing money

first they love you then they hate you with a p-ssion
when it happens just be ready though
when it happens you should have the strength to let it go
and keep on rapping till they hear you in the radio
and when that happens, well, they gon know they f-cked up
man i work hard for my spot, don’t ever think i lucked up
yeah, why you acting like you care, like there’s some cameras up in here
it ain’t no script, i can’t prepared
my life a movie, it feel like narcos
that mean i’m pablo, lost my gustavo
my tata cheated, still can’t believe it
had me like michael, told that b-tch beat it
like rest in peace b-tch

you’re dead to me, but i won’t talk about it on an intro
now the only thing i’ll give my heart’s an instrumental
and when we make love, i like it rough, she likes it gentle
and every time we do it, it feel sentimental
yeah, it’s almost like it all was meant to, be
3t to the rescue? nah, coz ain’t n0body tried to rescue me
when i was drowning, tryna stay afloat
and i asked you n-ggas if y’all could just spare a boat
you helped me get on the t-tanic, knowing it would sink
so now i’m selfish, i’m all about i, and no i ain’t gon blink
stay woke
all the hobos in the street gon need a fix coz they broken
y’all say you better than my team team stay jokin’
dd3, gives ddts for free, needs beats?
no freebies, b, at least 3gs, and please bring heat
you dig? what’s a shovel to a bulldozer?
what’s a baller to a blesser dawg, your boo chose one
what’s a blesser to a 3t? no threat
coz i really with the hoe sh-t, it’s hopeless, so forget
i focus, my funds on my family, some huns gon be made at me
same huns be like gravity, pulling me down
awards straight from the academy for fooling, wow
the best actor award goes you, your crew should be proud
but the, show must go on, and that’s standard
so while the camera roles, i’ma do like a bandit
and i’ma steal the show, from who ever has it
hugh hef’ with the magic, my hat’s got a rabbit
a bunny, a bad b-tch, she’s just my type too
and she ain’t a savage, or at least, i would like to
think so, but then again i know better, my past ex-periences haunt me, sad coz i would have wife-d you
but it’s just that,i can’t trust no thottie
feel like all you b-tches really ain’t sh-t
like good girls died out, they’re extinct, they ancient
and the few left are treasures but y’all label them as basic
i don’t get that, and i ain’t with that, (y’all are on one)
i lost my rib, facts
i want my rib back
my gun go zigzag
lit sounds like big shaq’
when it go cl!ck cl!ck
we’ll make a hit track

don’t ever show a sign of weakness when you look at me
don’t ever fall a single cent short when you pay my booking fee
don’t ever take it lightly when your girl smiles as she stares
at my direction, get some handcuffs, if you can’t, i got some spares
just ask me nicely, but please do this sh-t while she’s not there, or you’ll regret it later
while you ain’t looking, shall probably write her digits on a paper
and find a way to give me, then after that it’s smoke
and i know that smoke too well,dawg, listen up, this ain’t a joke
stay away from toxic b-tches coz it ain’t no antidote
don’t you open up that window, let her in and bamm, you’re broke
you’ll pay for damages she causes, don’t treat her like she’s an option
too late, you did already, you’re lucky you missed a coffin
but you’re learning, that’s important, can’t be fly but still be bug free
i’m a narco at it’s best i’m moving weight outside the country
audio crack, b-tches love it, pay with p-ssy, y’all are lovely
but i don’t need y’all as long as my sisters and momma love me, don, pablo

wait? did i just sign out as pablo?
sh-t, i’m feeling like pablo…
but i ain’t pablo, i’m 3t, so… let me get a do over…

i’m a narco at it’s best i’m moving weight outside the country
audio crack, b-tches love it, pay with p-ssy, y’all are lovely
but i don’t need y’all as long as my sisters and momma love me, 3t

yeah, that’s better

f-ck, i just talked about it on the intro…
oh well
moving on…