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3t | trevor – street fighter lyrics


i’m on fire, ken’s uppercut
she wants to eat off me, i starve a sl-t
she used to do splits on my d-ck, that broad could f-ck
but when that split ended, i barber cut
she said she’s fine, psht, don’t believe that sh-t
she let me hit but didn’t think that i would leave that quick
gone, in 60 seconds after 60 minutes
through an uber dude maneuver with the windows tinted
hide and seek from her man in case the n-gga violent
shawtey wyling, and she ride like i’m a f-cking stallion
she gets me smiling when she gimme neck like i’m a violin
hope she don’t give me her heart coz this is just a trial and
error, but she thinks it’s forever
i let her know it ain’t
don’t call a saint a hoe, don’t call a hoe a saint
don’t ever save a hoe, it ain’t no lois lane
that p-ssy fictional, and all these hoes the same
trev a savage now, these hoes still to blame
they f-ck 3t but don’t even know his real name
don’t even feel ashamed, they just do their thing
they c-m and come back, just like a boomerang
the dude your boo might bang, that’s my alias
f-ck her so long she forgot what day it is
that’s just the way it is, i let her slay the d-ck
my nut her favorite dish, i ever never pay the b-tch
she gimme freebies coz i’m 3t n-gga
no handshake, but just salute me when you greet me n-gga
for you own good, you don’t know where my fingers been
for that nana, i’d do anything but spend
i want a girl to give it up coz i got the juice
i make her thirsty and not because i got the loot
she said she feel like that n-gga, coz i be that n-gga
probably make her leave her n-gga just because my feet are bigger

need a white b-tch, to convince her friend
that they both should try something different
and share my d-ck, and it’s n-gganess
but they can’t get over how big it is
yeah, i’m doing justice to the stereotype though
it ain’t no you and i girl unless it’s a typo
pair of scissors too efficient, cut her off with a knife slow
got those bulbs that turn on and off when you clap, it’s a light show
when that -ss gives a round of applause for me
she lost her draws for me, i’ll find em soon as we done
like you gon need these back
leave her knees weak, that’s
why she’s acting like a dope fiend and 3t’s crack, d-mn
ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay
3t, got em yelling mayday
got spare condoms where your baé stay
she gon get a needle, put some holes and hope that they break
all because she wants a kid with some juice like me
sauce ooze, walk cool, talk smooth like me
she asked me to take the rubber off, your boo likely
wants me to c-m direct like i’m the new spike lee
d-ck so good grown women cry for it
10 fingers on the bible she would lie for it
like, f-ck religion, she believe in the d-ck
heard her tell her best friend that she he would die for it
and i believe her
i believe her
her other lips gripping, as i put the tip in she cry for jesus

told my n-gga, don’t trip bout what these hoes is doing
stories they be viewing or who these hoes is scr-w-ng
when it’s your turn, just leave a mark and leave these hoes pursuing
since wakanda’s calling, in my dms hoes is queuing
when you see 3t taking out his card, he spends, so
what you want girl? bacardi? gin? huh?
if you bring girls for his squad he can
get round two like a n-gga going hard again
meanwhile in hatfield, no guardian
that means, less rules, more partying
who gon uber through the baddest women? probably him
they whipped so they don’t really care what car he’s in
still be the only n-gga dropping bars and gems
and milkiee the only queen to match barbie’s pen
we got, buzz like bees, through bars we sting
and i know she got my back like a cardigan
get em

yo i’ve been that b-tch but now i’m super saiyan
b-tch, i’m talking street fighter in the game, i’m the greatest
all these b-tches been playing, man they couldn’t match the cadence
and my flow been sick, i’m the games only patient
i body them with heat, these b-tches couldn’t with a cardigan
i been about bl–dy moves since before bardi was “cardi gang”
bare my bars got em looking like barris on instagram
never needed to sign but i’m still ambitious fam (bloop!)
said “f-ck a label”, but we still getting rich
the game got three hoes, and i could take them like the grinch
them weak -ss punchlines that they throw, i never flinch
now who could out-rap me!? (i heard one of them got the gift)

ayo i been on
all my n-ggas in this b-tch
i mean you been known
i been that b-tch since i was six
i got the beams on
aka i’m with the sh-ts
b-tch it’s king kong
b-tch it’s king kong

ayo i been on
all my n-ggas in this b-tch
i mean you been known
i been that b-tch since i was six
i got the beams on
aka i’m with the sh-ts
b-tch it’s king kong
yes, miss king kong

yo i’m not going to lie
i only did this sh-t
cause i’m really tired of seeing these b-tches getting by
like how you call yourself a rapper, if you can’t spit rhymes?

i left for two years, now i’m back to get it right again
yeah i heard their new sh-t
their new sh-t whack, tell these b-tches go and get a writer fam
these clown b-tches ain’t it
no jkin , i been skipping l’s to get to the m’s
my n-ggas told me “go and get em”, baby guess what i did?
i body bagged it b-tch, i k!lled that sh-t
ngingdokotela, wale game
wot’u cav the drip
(hayi ngekebalunge)
ain’t n0body safe, cut to the chase
giving them a run for their money since my diapers were changed
soon as my discovery happens they’ll need medical aid
we gon clean up the whole game, all my n-ggas is made
(ohhh weeee)
all my n-ggas is made
(ohhh wee)
aye all my n-ggas is made
i told you we getting paid! (truhh me!)

they need rappers like me!
so they can get on their fffffuuuuuuuuuckn keyboards and make me
the bad guy chun-li