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3t | trevor – vans lyrics


i done came up, and you can tell by the stance
i’m ready, pay up my advance
got bars and i ain’t talking xans
my closet on some peter pan
looking like i came from france
left a thottie in a trance
never gave the b-tch a chance
coz she stepped on my vans
i don’t care how good you dance
when we’re alone keep your pants, on
what you stepping on my vans, for
pair cost a couple grands
and you ain’t even got the rands
you should blow me like a fan
only way to pay me back
since you stepped on my vans
that’s a no no, please let all your friends know
that kinda move puts you straight in the friendzone
and you won’t wanna be there when i cop the benzo
lil b-tch, ey, and i’m uzi vert with the sh-t, yah
my britney f-cked up, she can dip
but first take a sip, and then swallow the kids, what?
and don’t get them brats on my fresh new pair of vans, d-mn
it, my kicks on van damme
hit pebbles with long club feeling like i’m bamm bamm
i’ma make her bed rock in front of her d-mn fam
hit it like a drum, bedroom sounding like a band camp
she working on that pipe like she tryna get promoted
but she won’t get promoted coz 3t be the coldest
b-tch stay your lane, all a plumber got is pipe so
don’t get over hyped though , ooouuh you not my type hoe
if you thought you was, you mistaking like a typo
head game made be bust, ooouuh you suck it like it’s lipo
foot up in your mouth huh? sh-t i’m bad like michael
ooouuh you billy jean, you know how this story might go
started with some fun, you gon think that i’m the one
you gon get me on the run, say your stomach got a bun
i’ma make a song and claim that the kid is not my son
b-tch you thought it was a game, well the games have just begun
we up 3 in the morn, going in
my kids dipped in your pool and they gon swim
now they racing, i wonder who’s gon win
never had to face this sh-t with lotion
so to cope i stay sipping a potion
that’s potent, i’m gripping the bottle with both hands
and hoping it won’t end, dropping songs and just hoping they gon trend
see the fact a blesser’s just gon spend
on your b-tch if she loose or she broken
i’m ryu, you see zeek? that’s my bro ken
here to bring you that fire, hadouken
if they fake i ain’t f-cking with those friends
p-ss in the pool full of liquor they soak in
my squad ain’t the one to be provoking
my face straight do i look like i’m joking?
i done came up, met a girl i couldn’t p-ss
high maintenance coz she got cl-ss
she had me thinking uber whack
had to cop an uber black
and send her back to her mans
then i met him, hit the stance
made the n-gga catch these hands
coz he stepped in my vans
and that n-gga heavy, (ouch)
my nina stay wet, she’s ready
i keep an eye on her, fetty
try me her bullets will drop like confetti
and you’ll make the cut like machete
n-gga, these stains on my hands
coz he stepped on my vans