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3t | trevor – virgo lyrics


ended up on your bae’s hit
coz i keep my dentist out of business
i floss, need a witness
the reason for the things your b-tch did
i got the sauce, this chick here wants marinade
on her br–sts and her thighs, knowing well that her man will hate
told her i do not mind but don’t make this a habit hey
i don’t need enemies, some of my mans is fake
i need to live for my family’s sake, need to get bread, cookies and the cake
coz mom’s a baker, to get her dough is the reason i wake up
your son is a saint, soon he’ll be a heart breaker
when he becomes famous, coz rumor has it, ladies love entertainers
and that’s ironic coz they come entertain us
they do the most, when all else fails, gimme brains coz
i cannot think straight, but condom on, i do not risk take
when i have a kid it won’t gun y no mistake
and i’ll say it twice on this mixtape
in case a thottie wants trap me
only you can call daddy, wait, nah
make it zaddy
“but that’s not a real word”, yeah exactly
can’t be confusing my kids when they come through
i’m always strapped, always pack heat
coz i treat the game like a jungle
where they eat you up if you humble
but none of y’all snacking in ovid though
except for these hoes and they over dose
got em falling like some dominoes
911 need me one of those
when i’m h-lla rich, i’ll be terrorist
ice on a young fella’s wrist
pop h-lla clips on some tshela sh-t
trevor’s kids on your bella’s t-ts
coz mandela’s lit, makes life easier
thotties never cared, now they’re in need of ya
d-mn, i made it on her social media
d-mn, f-ck, then say it was nice meeting ya
gone, can’t contain her wetness, i’ma need me a dam
my royal -ss is now in need of a throne

didn’t know f-cking me would give a girl the right to say she flexing
she gave me bomb -ss p-ssy just to brag about it to her best friend
d-ck game h-lla nice, i kinda feel sorry for her next man
peach and eggplant emojis every single time that we texting
healthy diet, you should it, uh

won’t make her no wifey coz i cannot trust her
i’m a chef in the bed, turn her legs into pasta
yeah, and young simba’s here to take after mufasa
if he don’t p-ss the crown, i’ll k!ll him myself
yeah, he best let me in like su casa, mi casa, n-gga, gone

hit her up when i land in her city
call her pretty, but she’s only pretty when i’m craving some kitty
when she call my phone up, i’ll act like i’m busy
cut the phone, text back, “my network sh-tty”
she got piercings on both of her t-tties
a select few know this
cl-tty her weak spot, so that’s where i’ll focus
magic fingers, hocus, pocus
bruce banner d-ck, don’t provoke it
ooh, i’m the sh-t, but you know this…
to you and your clique, i’m oxygen, share me
i’m legendary and i ain’t gotta wait till i’m dead and buried just to be a legend
got a b-tch, these hoes can’t wait to eat her seconds
if you give the king dome, you won’t be no peasant
they get on their knees like i be a reverend
i’ll get you on that holy tip, and off that lonely tip
hit you up on some girl, you’re the only sh-t
then call you what’s her face when the morning hits
coz you’re only special when i’m h-rny, b-tch
look, i’m ducking b-tches who be on some quack pack activities
tryna ram sack my mini mes, for a monthly fat stack, you kidding me
under taker putting rappers in cemetery
but p-ssy might be the end of me
wait, i take that back
but my dudes, rachet p-ssy’s the enemy, yeah
h-lla girls now try befriending me, yeah
then leave the door out the friend zone open
they do this hoping, that i get my d-ck wet then i leave it socking
she can change her hair style, i won’t even notice
i’m unbothered n-gga
it’s way too many rappers i’ve fathered, n-gga
gotta be a good dad and go harder n-gga
i gotta lead the way for all em n-ggas
haters fall like leaves in autumn, n-gga
and that’s how you know that it’s my season
they say young 3t, why you trapping so hard
don’t ask me no questions, i got my reasons
they say, i should chill, i’m too savage, on god
won’t give these hoes a chance long as i’m breathing
coz of an, wait, i said i wouldn’t say her name, ayt then…

i’ll be winning for a long time
swear it’s written in my star signs
your loss, shouldn’t have stabbed my back
look at what we had, bet you want it back
bet you want it bad, but i ratta tat, tat, tat, tat and skip your bummy -ss
yeah, yeah…