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3t | trevor – x lyrics


omi kobi:
had a heart, it fell apart
breaking down is just a thing i used to do
fragile people, walking scars
empty sh-lls, they think they bulletproof
they think we can’t see through, them, you should have made some new friends
that pa pa, is a nuisance, yeah
you should have left a blueprint, but words are words, they’re useless
since you went, nothing is the same
baby boy, you changed the game, you made it okay
when you came, you played and you saved the broken
had my noose ready, fighting feelings to k!ll myself
overdosing on remedies, even thinking that pills might help
was your pain in vain, no
you freed the chained, now your kingdom reigns
as you fade away
i know

at least i know you’re somewhere out there
where ever you are, we’ll hold you down

a tool, breaks more than it fixes
n-ggas break mothers’ hearts coz of this sh-t
and we k!ll each other coz we lack the vision
and embrace division, like f-ck that other n-gga and his riches
f-ck the fact that he gets whatever he wishes
let’s jump him, get his bag with all his digits
and if he fidgets, take some shots and hope he gets hit
that’s how they did x, and now the prince rests
he ain’t even seen his kid yet, sh-t is intense
sh-t is mad real, y’all carry a gun
it really sucks to see any mother bury her son
coz of greed, coz you’re street
and the streets told you get it by any means
even if it means take it from your enemies
and if i’m in the way guess that means it’s the end of me, d-mn
x was gone help heal the m-ss
and they just f-cked up the plans
people just watched and took snaps
as haters took shots at the mans
d-mn no wonder you were sad, and often shook
coz every time they talk about you, it’s the bad and not the good
the media is f-cked up, always treated you like a thug
to those who, felt misunderstood your music was like a hug
heaven or h-ll, is as good as heads or tails, won’t flip a penny
they both ain’t worthy, guess you’ll rest in peace in the hearts of many

3t & omi kobi:
at least i know you’re somewhere out there
where ever you are, we’ll hold you down

xxxtentacion speaks: