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3t | trevor – you dig? lyrics


still broke but never needed me a fixed bro
but that’s never been a problem to your chicks though
she got some nice pics but she ain’t never heard of vsco
and i’m only double tapping coz her t-ts dope
her diamonds dancing in the light, look like a disco
she say she got them from her man but he a pr-ck so
i shouldn’t care much, coz i just got a head rush, from head, such
super powers vex us, and blessers
coz hoes just finna take over the world when they realize our weakness
dreamt a homie got sn-tched over b-tches then a week went by
cops found the body then they kept that sh-t a secret
till somebody leaked it, then they rest in peaced him
now their rosaries dim, they don’t glow no more
get a dual shock, maybe then you’ll learn how to control your hoe
just because you spoil hoes, don’t mean they’ll be loyal, no
amount of love can turn a hoe in to a queen, i’d know so, yo
if you clean a piece of coal up, it still won’t shine like a diamond
it ain’t worth coping a diamond, it shouldn’t eat off your grinding
i mean dawg, you put the time in, day in, day out, steady climbing
up the ladder, just for her to eat your -ss up like a platter
when she’s bloated up and fatter she gon act like you don’t matter
now you’re sad coz you don’t have her, you recover, you go after
someone else, then she finds out, then what comes next is a disaster
she f-cks sh-t up, screams and blubbers, takes some shots like ratta tatta
d-mn, now you’re dead inside, finding life within thighs
acting like a f-ck boy, all rough and tough, boy you know that’s just a disguise
and you know it’s her you despise, but you blame her kind for these lies
saying girls ain’t sh-t, but you know that ain’t it, i’m humble and i’m sick of these pies

i have no idea how this got deep and personal
this supposed to be a fun track lemme dumb it down a bit

uh, pull up in my vans, ain’t got a whip yet
girls don’t mind catching uber to get my d-ck wet
always known to pay my debts, i owe your chick s-x
and i’m too much bout my chicks to be on that beef sh-t
you dig? they taking shots, they gon need more magazines
we taking pot, and for po, a gl-ss-a-lean
we waking thots up, like hoe you have to leave
like you thought? b-tch, you naaa meeaan?
your uber on the outside, waiting
i got n-ggas from the south side, hating
i got b-tches from the south showing love
now that’s balance, just one brrr, they showing up
and sure enough, she can’t wait to get it on
she jerks off to all my songs that’s why she don’t get any wrong
and i keep some souvenirs, i got a box with many thongs, sh-t
bro, she the last girl that you’d wanna share any bong, with
yeah, she ‘s cool and all but that hoe ain’t that dope
please do not ask for my p-ss code
i’m with her coz girl a natural
simon my cash flow, her -ss go
where ever i want it to, yeah
it ain’t me, it’s the money dude, yeah
your thottie ain’t money proof
bands make your hunny do me up in honeydew
bullsh-t, i shmoney through
and you f-ck boys i shmurder
the shh, at the front coz you probably ain’t heard us
my gun got a silence, i’m mum but i’m violent, the huns i got surplus
and they’re done for some service
i think i found my purpose, even if her job blows she gon work it
coz she knows i’m worth it, 3t