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3than – i absolutely cannot stand women!1!!! lyrics



“ahem, my opinion/issue with women, a thread”

“number one, they are dumb and annoying,”

“number two, they only serve one purpose, give birth, id say a solution to this problem is that we can use our own bone marrow, more on that later.”

“number three, they are picky with men. this is more of a, personal complaint but they are so picky.”

“number four, they can’t take not even one l without adding a gbtq+ at the end… hehe i got that one from twitter”

“number fivе, if trans women are women, thеn i hate trans women. i call that trans rights!”

“number six, they create too many false rape allegations. while personally i haven’t been falsely accused of doing something so vile, my buddy pete has a friend who im pretty sure was falsey accused. i can’t comment anymore as to if it is a false accusation or not but knowing women it was probably maybe false.”

“number seven, women. the end”

“number eight, anyone agree? also if you are a women who agrees my number is 832+”

+boos ensue+

+ woman getting brutally stabbed to death+


i cant take them, i cant stand it
once i was a feminist! i was a manlet!
now i hate women!
especially the women children
by children i mean 12+17
they get their facts from screens
all women do is reject me
even tho im s+xy
im going to women in the women women
i hate women!
“absolulety spittin”
yeah! on them!
suicide and homeless rates go up!
all you doin is buying girl power mug
i am on twitter causing a woman muk!
on god women all suck
yo opinion aint even worth a buck
well mine is i hope
i get rejected far too much
i blame it on women
i am not right wing
unless you want them in kitchen
womens rights
womens rights
what about womens wrongs?

“i sure hope i dont cancelled for this one! okay here it goes!”
“ahem, if women are so strong how come 97% of them got clapped?”
“im sure this song won’t ruin my life”