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3v0 – c4u57!c lyrics


[verse 1: 3v0]
you could get back
if i get even first
you in some deep water
you dont even surf
dad is a nuisance
mom overreactive
you can go get
cuz my mind is flippit
my words going backwards
cold shoulder
polly dont want your cracker
i think i just went crazy
people think im mean
take the n out of mach
back to a machine

too cold
straight from the faucet
keep your switch off
better get off it
a lotta people stupid
i think i just lost it
cuz im so corrosive
call my brain is caustic
caustic, caustic
going friggin caustic
caustic, caustic
going friggin caustic
cause its, cause its
melted if i saw it
often, walking
call it richthofen

[verse 2: 3v0]
get my delorean playas
back to the future
call your self a movie
cuz i’mma shoot ya
stoned off your high donkey
call me medusa
dont make me split you
i’mma have to nuke ya
you ask to be default
i call it ie9
internet explorer
sorry i decline
chrome to your home
safari would have foxed ya
i ain’t fire foxer
gates gotta stop ya
droid users
behead people
iphone users
i see dead people
just a kid
immature as h-ll
recharge batteries
call me duracell