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3weekoldroses – if you don’t feel the same lyrics


i’ll watch you age
with no semblance of what they’d call grace
stay young out and inside
chasing dreams
golden heart
after all it’s just state of mind

i have felt worse
it’s okay to say
this is goodbye
if you don’t feel the same

a senseless shame
becomes a new day
a grip-used to-hold on so tight
now slips away

where you aim, where you land
depends on the risk you take
a ladder of those you stepped on
made you the man you are today
not for an ounce of respect
spun gold countless times
funded your success
and watched the world love a lie
all but what’s imperfect
nothing easy
without a price to pay
a sidewalk never traveled
never cared to
with your name engraved
in a room of mirrored bodies
can’t distinguish difference
common place
to the past
tip your hat
raise a gl-ss
faith now or never