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3weekoldroses – negative you lyrics


renounce all the pain
you feel in your heart
know that some things must end
so somethings can start

as the youth drains from your face
faultless middle ground
parallels never meet
vacant uncertainty
a prophet that lost his will to preach
have we forgot the weight?
of words and actions, bitter satisfaction?
unmindful negligence?
we wear the scars as evidence

i struggle to articulate
what i feel into words
or to demonstrate the love i feel
without the hurt
and to not descend
turning poor choice into bad habit
while tip toeing on the fence
knowledge not time has shown what it means to commit
silver linings come undone
filled with false hope empty lungs
loves just not enough

if you feel how i feel
then you know that it’s real
consequence to confidence
a character so endeared
paint insecurity like a mural
chip at the brick til it’s peeled
self -ssured, settled scores
intentions honest and pure

and at this time
i wish all the things i love would last
our time is now no time for rest
so flattered i’m scared to death
that i lived as someone else
or that i’ll die alone