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3weekoldroses – social desert lyrics


a great big hammer
with some ground to break
could change this world
with a mighty swing
oh heaven knows
there’s some h-ll to raise
lip syncing ghost notes
are you listening?
hindsight as far as eye can see
you deserve this tirelessly
worshiping the broken ground you step
polluted air you breath
showed me a better me

a voice like birds singing
kindly guides the way
wealth of words on deaf ears
under breaths of modest screams
don’t blame you for the fear you feel
seems surreal to be
the one to set the bar

went together like
cigarettes and whiskey
a match and gasoline
voids to fill our sacrifice
nothing wholesome walks the streets at night
true potential envied
even by an untrained eye
an oasis in a social desert
brought light into the darkest lives

to never be seen in that light again

where we’re supposed to be
exceptions we’re meant to meet
a promise that’s unspoken
the middle ground has since been broken
there’s a drought in this discussion

giving all that’s left of me
faux place of prosperity
there’s nothing real for us
knowing it’s all a facade

keep my eyes shut to this mirage
the ending brings applause
well beyond pick and choose
your personalities like stone
when i need words like water