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3yvng leffie – ima actually try lyrics


welp, i’m by myself, i don’t want anyone to f-ck me up

aye got gette, skeetttt

takeoff like a plane
sans nose built like a plane
im not a kid i play no games
all my real n-gg-s stay fame
all the goofy n-gg-s lame
f-ck with me get the drum out
pop pop bang bang
buenas mouches
the red roses
the purple violets
they don’t change like these lame broke n-gg-s
all of them don’t hesitate to pull the trigga
n-gg- sans gonna be in a world of pain my n-gg-
thats ernie gang my n-gg-
n-gg- sans used to be a real n-gg-
didnt do drugs he was himself
now he creeping up on lil kids like a elf on the shelf
tell me why
you came friends with a lil child my n-gg-
is you 6ix9ine
doing 69
to a kid who doent even know how s and h rhyme