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3017 ultimo – time lyrics


(ambient singing)

[verse 1]
what you waiting on the get back?
aye i been waiting for months i need to hit that
you say your boyfriend calling he can sit back
aye i ain’t pressing but baby i need to get that
i know it’s hard to focus. i know your heart been broken
i need to bust you open. it ain’t no time for joking
it’s only time for stroking. i know you like the choking
i know them panties soaking. i need to lick that
broken heart i can fix that
he don’t really love you baby i’m convinced that
if he did then why you want me to kiss that?
something you don’t wanna hear but it’s just facts
i see you walking round here like your sh-t fat
now you got a real n-gg- get ya sh-t tapped
hit it from the back baby get ya sh-t slapped
and if your boyfriend hit you he a clapped. (get clapped)
baby girl i a wife that
if i hit it once bet you come right back
i hit it too hard baby you a like that
no hickies but baby i know i bite back
so sticky i knew that you’d throw the white flag, night cap
d-mn that p-ssy just wouldn’t fight back, type that
f-cking with rookie now where ya life at, high cl-ss
he couldn’t do but now you got that climax
i done it all for you, it’s all just proof, that you just need a boss with you
ride in coupes. and i done took a loss or two, but all for you
so you can know what papi do
the best of views. i can break ya heart in two
it’s all just true. and y’all are through
you know the money what you got into
you know it’s funny how i’m glued to you, but baby loving me is hard to do

(ambient singing)

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