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4 skins – plastic gangsters lyrics


i come from south london i think i’m cool
i wear a cheap crombie and that’s about all
i go down the pub with all the lads
their wearing their chains that they got from their dads
but all i got was a rotten cheap chain
my wife’s got in debt with the club book again

i’m a plastic gangster
they call me a crown and anchor

i asked one of my mates to get me some books
about the east end their gangs and their crooks
i bought a cheap car from one of the lads
he got it cheap from his car dealing dad
i’m in my new car, i’m driving it home
the next thing i know the engine has blown

i went down the west end, the local was drag
i had to pay a tenner to go with some bag
i took her home to her place i gave her some stick
the next thing i know the old bag was sick

i stay at home on thursdays, minders on tv
i’m learning c-ckney rhyming slang of to a tee
so when i go out on fridays i know what to say
i wish i was like arthur and get my own way.