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40 glocc – leave me alone lyrics


[suga free]
dollar bill y’all
somethin’ i can feel, y’all
why you bullsh-ttin’
shadow on the 619

[verse 1: suga free]
oh, here motherf-cker, since you wanna go fetch
on my worst day, you couldn’t f-ck with me at your best
i know you hate it when i show up (show up)
tow up
probably cause you know i break a b-tch and i’m about to blow up
now it’s hoe season
motherf-ckin’ so why b-tch
that you hatin’ and contemplatin’ on a real pimp for no apparent reason
that i beat the situation and i’m hot
recognized that you hatin’, cause i got them trick waitin’
back to back, f-ck a ‘llac
and a rat, like that
oh, you f-ckin’ with a pimp
and you will get slapped
that’s what a pimp do
break you
and get rid of you
and make you tell ’em other players what i did to you
you b-tch, you hoe, you sl-t
better recognize game before i f-ck you up
now what you waitin’ for?
i’ll let a b-tch pimp me when pushed
you don’t sell no more and make d-ld-s out of playdough

chorus: suga free
if, you, don’t
leave me, alone
i’m, gone
lock you in that little bitty box again, b-tch
if, you, don’t
leave me, alone
i’m, gone
lock you in that, lock you in that (little bitty box again, b-tch)
little bitty box again

[verse 2: 40 glocc]
i had a bad -ss b-tch with a caramel tone
so i put my back in my bone, and mack in my tone
told her, “shut the f-ck up,” and sit in the back of the broom
sn-tch my cheese up quick and kick the back with a shroom
cause we don’t love them hoes and
a b-tch ain’t worth a sh-t with no gold
so i hit the club to cop more
y’all know
it’s suga free and 40 glocc in dego
with mr. shadow all the way from colton to seattle
and back to pomona
hoes to promote the corner
hit me on my two-way motorola
i got a whole lot of soldiers that love to throw boulders
it’s all over, test the faith and bleed slower
the heat blaze just that fast, give me hovah
i want the cash and the ice and the keys to the rover
tricky gotta kick cheese to meet, n-gg-, to ball, blow up

repeat chorus

[verse 3: mr. shadow]
i said, “she’s a hoe
her friend’s a hoe”
if you ain’t about trickin’, then your -ss gotta go
from the open toe pumps to the way that you move
i’m a show you how a ese from the s.d. do
straight act a fool, got you making me loot
got you standing on the corner and that -ss look cute
and you know when the f-ck i’m comin’ ’round the block
with the homey so g, suga free and 40 glocc
it don’t stop, we stay pimpin’
b-tch, why you trippin’
don’t hate the playa, hate the game
you d-mn chicken
stickin’, no lickin’
that’s the motto
and boy, the life i life
is hard to swallow
make your sh-t hollow, real quick, don’t try to follow
so pimp playa, pit bosses smokin’ in a hot model
don shadow, makin’ ya b-tch clip tricks
she employee of the month when it comes to servin’ d-cks
ha ha

repeat chorus