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40 grit – pull out lyrics


so just pull out!
run out the door, jump out of the window
youâ? re right back to where you started before
before you know, youâ? ll be miles from here,
and then youâ? ll be miles from them
and then you will not go until they reject your pampas stare

you block my punch shoulder my lunge
eat my f-ck and steal my blood money honey
iâ? ve got to give it to you back.

believe me when i simplify
the stakes are high and so am i
i once was told not to be afraid
i once was told not to beâ?¦

the deliverance of something that great isnâ? t all that
so just pull out
canâ? t get away from you every where i go there you are
i try to steal your shoes every time i try you get a criminal eye
that peers right thought my soul
as if you would have known what was coming next



youâ? ll point to issues past
a somber riddle dance
when thereâ? s a price to pay now itâ? s gone
some heavy rain comes down
your interest turned around
i canâ? t help you in the shadows if you cannot see
iâ? m not the one with no bullets and gun
bleeding the hearts that disgraces beside you
you are the one thatâ? s committed these things
while in youâ? re in flight
pull out! pull out!
iâ? m the worst that youâ? ll find
pull out!
youâ? re the salt of the spice


how could you pull out on me?