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40 grit – three spaces lyrics


terror take a look inside the
eyes of a lie
you’re open wide
i accept the abuse
i try to excuse
broken up inside. i hide

like to cling on my mouth –
no surprise
i kill for myself end the
reasons why
i can’t let it be
i can possibly
i seek un-knowing

i killed my lover
i killed myself,
i fell apart in the common wealth
i killed my lover, i killed myself
fade me out. back three sp-ces

try and fake honesty
slim possibility
try and run, you can’t hide
my evil’s lurking up inside

fire – weak and tired
and it moves inside
you fear me, look out there


i loathe to be the decision
honesty – turn to what i feel as
i burn
silence cannot clear the air,
decision is over – turn
into what i feel as i burn
this silence can’t clear the air
this smoke is everywhere