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40k + k!llcj – how could you…? lyrics


[intro: hannah and her sisters (1986)]
how could you even think of k!lling yourself? i mean, isn’t it so stupid? look at all the people up there on the screen, they’re real funny, and what if the worst is true? what if there is no god and you only go around once and that’s it? well, you know, don’t you wanna be a part of the experience? you know, what the h-ll, its not all a drag

[verse 1: 40k]
i didn’t leave a message, but i messed up and i called her
i can’t learn my lesson, left my blessings at the altar

[verse 2: k!llcj]
you’re just what you said was wrong with my life
my time is priceless, i want a scythe
i’m in h-ll now
crack me, pick the sh-lls out
i’m the best around at hurting you when i’m feeling down

[verse 3: 40k]
i know you’re not gone for long
but i hope you stay
you can always change my thoughts, these games we play

[verse 4: k!llcj]
all my friends wanna die and i love it
but we’re stuck here
blood on all the covers
go headlong into death
imma die with a pill on my breath
imma die, i get k!lled with you in my head, i’m alive

[verse 5: 40k]
my heart was always ripped apart but u just made it break. darling ur my glue, my tape, i pray ur safe

[verse 6: 40k and k!llcj]
how hard can we pray to god?
we don’t really like to think too hard
we don’t really like to say a lot
but i guess that’s how we are
that’s just how we are
yeah, pray for me god
i always get sad at the seventeenth of the month
i know you love me when you kiss someone else
if u smoke someone out, there’ll be smoke in your house
yeah, i’m an emotional wreck
i used to be a boy, it’s just a ghost that’s left
she constricts my heart when i’m choking her neck
she f-cked up my life but i wish her the best
i kiss her the best
i lick her the best
she’s in my head, keep my liquor in check
i break my neck when i look at the stars
that’s just how we are