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410 bt x rendo x ts – mad about bars lyrics


[intro: kenny allstar]
200 days plus
that’s how long you man been asking for it
and i picked the best day to drop it
tiny sykes
i told you, i always deliver

[verse 1: bt]
but i’m tryna see checks
but right now i’m using up recks
the jakes they wanna arrest ,but i’m tryna invest
nah, i’m on nuthin’ less
flick shank, inna out chests
protect your chest, you stupid mess
i play macbeth or 3 man step
shooting playin’ conquest

[verse 2: ts]
shooting playin’ conquest
2 man jump in a vest
1-2-5 and we ride on dem
don’t fire on your first attempt
come back in the al ‘n’ we’ll ride again
don’t mention my name in tracks or i’ll splash up your bros
go ride for dem
been dishing out packs of both
while you were on dates with parish
asked o.d., had knick knacks had dem doing up quick lines
queuing outside of dallas
mans phones been ringin’ off loads
bagging up food, my grub da maddest
cats been bellin’ off man cah my food ‘n’ da packs da fattest

[verse 3: rendo]
410 step that’s crashers
bunny in the field lets shoot
other day suttin’ got bun feds on gang so i won’t say who
there was nuthin’ but brain and top from the same bad b you call brown and cute
man get around and shoot, diligent step with the foulest youts
man get splashed on the mains
i bet n-body don’t ‘llow that yout
run up in the crowd and shoot
i’m diligent, wild and rude
lurked in the cave all night
2 man step tryna find dat yout
i ain’t tryna hear ‘llow that yout
i’m dilligent, wild and rude

[verse 4: bt]
differences, man dem boys need olders
nuff time swingin’ out shanks like logan
frontline, doing up active motives
window, roll it all down and bowl it
i could never feel insulted
follow dat man and swing above shoulders
ching a man down us boys wan choke him
shoot and a man down, nah nah wan toast it

[verse 5: ts]
2 waps up, 3 n-gg-s we’re rollin’
blacked out cars, it’s lookin’ all stolen
how many times have we lurked in da k
how many times did we did up mans olders
been in the field from young ‘n’ i’m still up in the fields like kones’s
blacked out window, shotgun rollin’
strangle the grip, reload it

[verse 6: rendo]
pull up, doing up waps and motors
ding-dong, doing up bats and soakers
man doing up waps and loaders
gang pull up on the opps, they’re jokers
opps dem, chatty like gyal, man noticed
chat, sittin’ on the cats and sofas
man just spin it on the block wid vultures
crash, militant walk wid soldiers

[beat change]

[interlude: kenny allstar]
did you think i was gonna give you one freestyle
you’ve waited dis long
we’re gonna do this sh-t properly
spotify, mad about bars christmas special
a freestyle so sick
man had to hit dem twice
bt set it off…

[verse 7: bt]
yamaha your, (jheeeze)
eat some italian food
i put on da botty
civilians move
lets go in
yamaha yamaha your
i’m hungry i wanna go eat some italian food
talk ’bout italian shoes
i put it on da botty civilians move
trap in da juice, leavin’ your shoes, wan for da yout
trap in da juice, leavin’ your shoes, wan for da yout
italian shoes
i put it on da botty, civilians move
yamaha, yamaha, your
yamaha, ayy
long time dat i ain’t seen ma
6 in da 4 in da ra
rip it, drop it, it sound like gl-ss
chocolate chip, chocolat
to da chocolate and charge
2 waps cost 5 and a half
‘n’ i put down 3 on da arm
you’re talkin’ ’bout waps if you bust if you can’t put down smoke at a bar
ring, ring fire alarm
i bulldog and i bullfrog
a 4-4 and a small one
yamaha yamaha 1
sip some juice at our lunch
italian food is strun
sit down my italian platinum one
thick with a gorgeous b-m
hoodie on, handle da mash wid gloves
shoot doe, awesome one
handle da mash wid love
crash out and bruise, you mug
crash out wid gruesome guns
crashing out, everything’s awkward huh?
sorry auntie but your son was being a f-ckin’ stupid c-nt
3 up t, dats chubbz
3 up 9 ‘n’ stegz ‘n’ huss
free peela ‘n’ bandit
bma bandit, and jus
critical corn dat’s irratic
doin’ up damage, don’t you run
rippin’ up more than your fabric
nah dat’s standard, punctured lungs

[verse 8: ts]
2 in da 2 shots, man know we were throwin’ dem things up
we weren’t even ridin’ when we caught my man lackin’ he still got chinged up
done it in public without no thinkin’
me ‘n’ da bros don’t think much
done it in public, splash him in public, throw away da thing dats been touched
pull up ‘n’ crash, dats why you scream crash
dem man ain’t crashin’ nuthin’
man don’t crash cars, just call man crash
or we’re just splashin’ suttin’
how much time man step, how much man been cheffed
man i swear i’ve lost count
doing up t house after a settin’
the gang sent h-lla shots round
me, peela ‘n’ bma, on the opp block 2 peds man’s lurkin’
3 peela ‘n’ bma, both of dem in the jailhouse, man’s hurtin’
most of my bros dem sittin’ in jail cells, cah they really put work in
just touch road from doin’ up jailhouse, now i finished dat verdict
still hittin’ up sales, bro’s still sittin’ in cells
been baggin’ up work, work get bag up on scales
don’t even know how much packs have my phone got rid of
feds on my team so much, dey want all of my bros got rid of

[verse 9: rendo]
right now my life’s all nuts
but let me say one thing first
the opps dem ain’t on p-ss
and dey watch their friends get burst
talkin’ ’bout trapline rings
how many cats you served?
410 ting, dat’s music
or a cg ting dat’s work
i’m in love wid da 2 bot shotgun, still make da handting work
fire 2 shots at a group
everybody run, disperse
talkin’ bout bro got splashed, your bro got splashed but he turned out worst
had da rusty old wap in da court, man run or you might get burst
had da rusty old wap on the court, man run or you might get burst
had da rusty old wap in da court, man run or you might get burst