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410 – civilian (pt. 1) lyrics


[verse 1: bt]
no face no trace
these latex gloves will handle the heat like mittens
life corn in the drum
bells not little
like man ah just catch me a son
just catch me a joonle
they do it for the fans
they do it for the -ss
they do it for the twitter
like f-ck alla that
man roll up in braps and fill up
in a bag got a coffin, that hammer
man bruck up the pin, don’t matter
like holla and @ for the hmmm
tell em that ting jam up
bae just lookin like fufu
brown just lookin like grammar
big ting go like dudu
why your head back so mashup
my ting kickin so push
feelin like i’m old and i’m [?]

[verse 2: rendo]
food in the bag
get the grub like lunch
rudez up west
hit the strip like cunch
had a young boy with the broom stick
in the room with the pump
and a bad work in a bando
in a room full of skunk
crash corn in your [?] man learn
no trace no case
these latex gloves might handle the dots like perm
stuff corn in my gun
swear the opps don’t learn
man ah run man down with a boom
man run cause you might get burnt
man see an opp
man see an opp, man squirm
dashin in the streets then turn
[?] man runnin like nerds
gwan to the yute
flashin his jewels
leave it like you won’t get burnt
been up in the fields like worms
shotty in the ride man swerve
bullets in the ground, man earthed

[verse 3: rudez]
link that gyal, imma lube
she like the red under my shoes
only link that gyal if she cute
red lipstick on her face
now it’s all over my p-b-
tryna get back to the hood
the gs called me for a move
just got back from cunch
tryna get orders for [?]
man ah got a big 44
like n-body n-body move
man ah take ‘way all the [?]
and a couple boxes of food
add that to the stack
then it’s back to the trap
man ah tried to cop me a box of [?]
man ah tried to cop me a box of [?]