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415 – court in tha street (remix) lyrics


-dj daryl cuts up- )
(punk police)
(they can’t get none)
[ d-loc ]
d-loc’s the name, i got a thang against police
n-gg-, i’m straight from the streets
f-ck a punk in a blue suit
wanna get em up, let’s go, but i just might blast you
in this game the rules is you lose
duck to the side but you still get choosed
if i miss, sh-t, you ain’t save
my homeboy rich kicks up the backfire
[ richie rich ]
so on the first note i’m steppin off like this
a brother only gets through life if he’s serious
givin ain’t sh-t, but see, takin is a method
even if you use a weapon
you see, the law ain’t straight, so why follow it
i’d rather have you give me some poison and say ‘swallow it’
but now f-ck that, i’m much sharper
i eat and sh-t too, but i’m much darker
so on the strenght of my color i get pushed and har-ssed
taken to jail with no questions asked
it’s sort of like apartheid, there’s no peace
we’re holdin court in the streets
( -dj daryl cuts up- )
(punk police)
(better luck out suckers)
[ richie rich ]
as a positive gangster with the motive to move on the town
uzis greased, ski masks pulled down
and when it’s time to move i roll a bucket
so if i kill up sh-t, f-ck it
i’m up outta there, it’s time to hit me a fence
ditch my gat and get a room at the sixpence
shower and change to get up out of the black
and then i’m back
i’m in the streets again, i read a paper
that says: at large
a killer with a h-lluva charge
his name was richie rich
his motive – to start sh-t
you got a gat and badge, i’m not duckin
f-ck the klans, the kluin and the kluckin

you see, i know that sh-t