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485c – kapow! lyrics


by the darkest ocean lies the deepest sand
like the way that i’m a girl and she’s a man
drag yourself to stand as you fall to the floor

your own mess is your mistake but not your fault

there’s a time when you’re on your own
you and i will go round and round

as the infant dosed sectarian approach
can wash away the sins of your own hopes
just as babies cry, pensioners close their eyes
not a choice to live when you have to survive

you and i will go round and round
infantile but still fully grown
you can find what you do not know
it’s not a lie, just a dream

just a dream
just a dream, that we can’t understand

you and i (that we can’t understand)
infantile (that we can’t understand)
you can find (that we can’t understand)
it’s not a lie (that we can’t understand)