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4him – head over heels lyrics


you said you wanted all of me
you said youd love me faithfully
oh how could i know all the while
you would never give up on a faithless child
i had defenses, built my walls
and i kept my distance till you called
and i didnt know at the time
you would never let go till i changed my mind
but now that ive seen your light i want you to know
youve got me head over heels
i give all of my heart to you
feelings i tried to conceal
cannot help but come shinin through
youve got me head over heels
all i want is to be with you
i never knew i could feel
so much love, im head over heels
i felt a touch of saving grace
and ive seen your mercy,
im amazed
oh how could a god so divine
never, ever let go through the test of time
and now that youre livin inside, i want you to know
repeat chorus
im head over heels
because of you
repeat chorus
you’ve got me head over heels